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2010-08-22 15:47:15 by Tijntje7

Hi, I'm Martijn Brekelmans from The Netherlands.
I'm 14 years old.
I listen to music as a hobby :)
I like Techno, trance, classical, happy hardcore, hardstyle and.. err... more... :/?
About 2 years ago, I got keyboard lessons for my birthday (and next year, I got an awesome keyboard :D, I used a 10+ year old keyboard before then, a few keys didn't work :P)
And about a year ago, I started trying to compose stuff myself :)
I have made, and submitted my first 'good' actual loop/song whatever. And you can expect more from me :)
After a while that is, composing stuff is really hard in the beginning :P
I used Fruity Loops studio 9 demo for this song, I'll try out other free programs too (although fl isn't really free :/... the demo is :P)

Buh-bai, and feel free to make profile pictures for me >:D
(I'm serious, I suck at photoshop, feel free :P)


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Hello there :]